Android Data Recovery in Easy Way

Many mobile companies are upgrading there mobile software to Android OS, with increasing use of Android the number users suffering from data loss has also increased, but now it become easy to perform formatted Android data recovery with the help of newly developed Android Data Recovery software.

Use Android data recovery software to recover any kind of data like photos, videos, file, application that get deleted from your Android SD card, this is a light software which is easy to install on your computer, use the powerful software tool to recover data from android, There are so many software are available using which you can easily do Android Data Recovery. All such tools also allows you to perform Complete Android Message Recovery in few simple steps.

If you are using android mobile phones then you should know that it not just a phone, you can store lots of document, file like text, music, videos etc, so Android Data Recovery is very essential for every android users. For the recovery of memorable images, videos, movies, etc, it becomes neccesary for users to restore Android gallery data completely. People are suffering from data loss, nowadays many reasons are arising which causes loss of data directly or indirectly, here are some of latest reasons which causes to the loss of data for android users:

  • Sudden deletion of data occurs by many new android users as they don't know how to operate android software
  • If you have accidentally format your memory card or internal memory of your smartphone, at that time you may suffer from data loss
  • Data loss also occur while transferring data from one android phone to other device like PC or any other media device
  • Hardware Damage of your phone also causes to the loss of data.

So, if you are suffering from all above problems, then you require to perform Android Data Recovery, there are many manual process are involve to recover your deleted data, but they are not so effective, it is better to use software, which automatically restore deleted data from your android device. The tool also allow you to recover Android Contact lists Without any effort.


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User Guide : How to Use This Software

Step 1-Launch the application.

The user interface screen consists of menu bar, toolbar, tree structure (left pane), main area (right pane) and log window. CD/DVD drive will be visible in the tree view if it contains CD/DVD. The physical disk in the system consists of two or more logical drives which you may be lost due to various reasons such as a simple voltage fluctuation or a virus attack. You can recover lost physical drive and data contained in that.

Step 2: To recover lost data from physical disk-

Double click on Physical Disk in the left pane.
After that you get a Select Appropriate Action window
You get the three required action to select.

Step 3:

Select logical drive- standard and advanced search are available to search for all the lost logical drive in the physical disk. Discovered logical drives will appear on the tree structure. Further you can recover data from these logical drives.
Raw data recovery- you can recover raw data from badly corrupted drive with this option. You can use this method to search for known file types or search from the selected region.
Create image file- this method take sector by sector image of the specified region of the Physical disk or removal media. It is helpful when media has developed bad sector. You can recover data using this image file.

Step 4:-To recover data from the discovered logical drive

Double click on the Logical drive option displayed in the left pane of the interface. You get a dialog box with some option. According to your need perform the task. Similarly, lost files/folders from CD/DVD drive or other storage media can be scanned and recovered.